Phoenix, AZ Construction Company Mehall Contracting

Phoenix Construction Company Mehall ContractingAnybody embarking on a construction project has to decide whether to oversee the work in person, or whether to hire a general contractor in AZ. This applies to any type of new construction project needing traditional or unique contracting. It can also include a commercial factory or office building. In these financially tough times, you may decide that overseeing the project yourself will save you money, but you could actually find that the opposite is true.

A Arizona general contractor like Mehall Contracting, if hired, will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of your new construction project, starting with obtaining building permits, ordering the necessary supplies of materials, and scheduling inspections. The contractor also hires the subcontractors, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters, and supervises them on the job. This in itself will save you a huge amount of time and stress, as unlike you, the contractor will know exactly how to contact all the various professionals, and will know who is a good person to hire and who is not.

Benefits Of Hiring A General Contracting Company

A further huge benefit of using a general contractor is that the work can be scheduled in the most economical way. Anyone with experience of trying to organize a building project can testify as to what a nightmare it can be, when different subcontractors state that their part of the project cannot continue until another part is completed, yet still charge you for their time. The general contractor can ensure that the flow of work is properly organized, so that no subcontractor is hanging around doing nothing. This again can save you an immense amount in costs.

Arizona Universal Waste Removal

As well as the actual building work, there are other services you will probably need in the course of your project, including universal waste removal, and aluminum recycling in Phoenix, AZ. Every new construction project will generate waste, and the management of this will be part of the job of the contractor. If you are tempted to think that you can do this more cheaply yourself, remember that a lot of the waste items will come into the hazardous waste category, and will need to be taken to a permitted RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) facility. These can include batteries, burned-out light bulbs, pesticides, and devices like thermostats or thermometers that contain mercury. If you do not use a contractor who specializes in universal waste removal, you will have to sort this out yourself, or risk prosecution.

New Construction Cleanup And Disposal

As well as requiring universal waste removal AZ services, you also have the problem in your new construction project of disposal of other waste. For instance, your project is likely to generate a great deal of scrap metal, especially if it is a commercial project, or if it has involved the demolition of an earlier building, so you will need the services of a professional scrap metal and aluminum recycling AZ company. Aluminum waste can come from such sources as old electrical conductors or old window frames, as well as drinks cans. Aluminum recycling AZ services have the expertise to separate the aluminum from the other materials, and recycle it in the most environmentally responsible way. Ideally, of course, you should look for a general contractor AZ who can provide specialist universal waste removal AZ and aluminum recycling AZ services as well, to keep it in the hands of one person.


You will certainly be better off hiring a general contracting team like Mehall Contracting in Arizona. We have the expertise to coordinate a complex project with different jobs.